How will you be remembered?

What will your children know about your life story?... Or that of their grandparents?

Will your parents' stories be lost forever?

Do you want to tell a life story but lack the time, talent, or inclination to write a biography?

Now your life story can easily be recorded and preserved for your family and future generations with the beautiful products from ArchivaLife™.

ArchivaLife is an attractive, archival-quality memory keeper that makes recording your life experiences fun and easy. Prompts in multiple life categories – schooling, career, hobbies, friends, family, faith and many more – help you remember important events in your life. The key is ArchivaLife’s patent-pending timeline that allows you to focus on details often missed with scrapbooking, simple memory books, genealogy charts, or photo albums alone.


"Any genealogist would love to find an ArchivaLife™ that an ancestor had completed! It really puts the meat on the bones of someone’s life story. Our genealogists reviewed it and think it is a good gift for new parents or grandparents to record their life for the next generation." – Rosa Avolio, Board Member, Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society


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