Memories sometimes fade. ArchivaLife lasts and lasts . . .

ArchivaLife was founded by Bill Burch, a man with a passion for personal history. He was inspired to create this product one day while trying to find a memory. Several years ago, as Bill was trying to recall a long-since forgotten fact, he thought he might recapture it if he could remember a few related facts from the same time. So he began to jot down the details he knew such as where he lived and worked, and what car he drove at the time in order to build a context from that era. He found that his notes took on a timeline format, and by adding more and more details, he was able to remember not only the forgotten fact, but also to create a full synopsis of his life.

As he connected page upon page of his lifeline together, he ultimately created a timeline longer than his dining room table – with both leaves installed! His handiwork impressed his friends and family and their interest inspired Bill to sit down with his mother to create her own “LifeLines.” In doing so, Bill and his mother spent some of their most meaningful time together, laughing and talking about things they had never previously discussed.

Bill realized he had a wonderful product to share with the world: a detailed timeline that was not only fun and easy to do, but extremely valuable because of the family bonding it encouraged. Some day, Bill intends to pass down his ArchivaLife project to his two young boys, creating an unbroken family timeline and history.

Thanks to his inspiration and many iterations and product perfections since, Bill and the rest of the ArchivaLife team are proud to present two versions of our personal archive product, the ArchivaLife Classic Edition and LifeLines Edition. These books provide the tools you will use to create your own enduring personal history for years to come. Each edition provides you with a fun and easy-to-use personal timeline that records those priceless details that only you can tell. The Classic Edition includes a scrapbook and an archival case. Keep your valuable memories for your family and future generations with ArchivaLife.

ArchivaLife: A Lifetime Memory Keeper



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