Classic Edition - A Lifetime Memory Keeper

Tell your story in a lovely format which will be preserved for generations.

Collect the facts, events, stories, and photos of your life with the ArchivaLife Classic Edition.

The Classic Edition includes:

  • LifeLines - The easiest and most accessible format to tell virtually anyone's life story in an intuitive timeline format.
  • LifeImages - A corresponding scrapbook where you will collect the images to support the stories and events in the LifeLines element.
  • Archival Case - A high quality case to preserve these precious memories for generations.

Price: $99.99  

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The Classic Edition combines the exclusive ArchivaLife LifeLines, with LifeImages, our top quality photo scrapbook, to create a complete memory keeper set thatís filled with written details, personal photos and creative touches. LifeLines is a visual depiction of your life that displays at-a-glance your handwritten details on multiple life categories including your schooling, career, hobbies, friends, family, faith and much more. Itís easy to use, guiding you to document your history with primary details so you can accomplish it quickly and in short spurts.

The LifeImages scrapbook is an archival-quality 12 x 12 album with pages that correspond to each decade of the timeline. This allows you to collect photos and memories supporting the facts & events in LifeLines. The combination of personal photos and written details deepen the meaning and understanding of your life history for your loved ones.

Donít wait! Time and memory are fleeting. Donít risk losing the details of your family history due to the passing of an elderly family member. Record your parentsí personal history or your own before itís too late. Enrich your family life and history with a project the whole family will enjoy.

  • The patent-pending ArchivaLife LifeLines timeline for your handwritten details
  • The accompanying LifeImages 12 x 12 photo scrapbook album
  • Archival-quality pages that are acid-free and lignin-free to ensure it will last for generations
  • Archival case Ė a protective case that will fit on most bookshelves
  • A classic design with high-quality, sturdy construction that is appropriate in any home office, library or living room
  • Thoughtful life experience prompts to ignite your memory
  • Families Ė perfect family project or enriching family reunion or holiday activity
  • Parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles Ė the chance to connect and bond with younger generations
  • Memoir writers Ė important first step that makes writing accessible, not intimidating, and easy because it takes so little time. Archiving your photos in the LifeImages album is also easy, and makes your memoir a beautiful and complete record of your life.
  • Amateur genealogists Ė natural extension of your research that leaves future generations personal details, with photos and more in-depth knowledge of any individual
  • Scrapbookers Ė the joy and creativity of scrapbooking but with the facts and little details that provide background for those who werenít there

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“…Met Bill Burch himself, the man behind the idea of the ArchivaLife product, and a very interesting guy. He came up with this idea which allows users to record events on a timeline - and then write about the events in as much detail as they like. This record is then combined with photographs, and documents and stored in a beautiful leather case - for generations to come.” – Leland Meitzler, GenealogyBlog, October 29, 2009


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