Whether recording your own life story, or helping your parents, grandparents, or spouse as they fill out ArchivaLife, we want you to get the most possible from your experience. Below are a several links to assist you in your research. is an extensive, family history Website, enabling you to search census records and look for ancestors' legal certificates, as well as newspaper and periodical journals in which they may have been mentioned. offers a full-range of information and resources, including, an online community with more than 17 million posts on 161,000 boards. is free database containing information on 12 million immigrants from 1820 through 1892, which is the year Ellis Island was opened. is a resource for family historians, as more than 100 million Americans can trace their ancestors back to this immigration period. 


Cyndi’s List


Cyndi’s list is a directory of sites for genealogical research. It provides hundreds of thousands of links in its categorized and cross-referenced index. 




FamilySearch is a genealogy database used by millions of people as they search for family history information. FamilySearch has been providing genealogy resources for more than 100 years and has 4,500 family history centers in 70 countries.




GenealogyBlog is a daily, online blog providing genealogy articles and family history resources. 


Genealogy Archives


Genealogy Archives is a genealogy database with more than one billion records, including legal document archives. This website offers many informative resources to assist you as you trace your family heritage. 


Genealogy Toolbox


The Genealogy Toolbox provides numerous links to genealogy sites for tracking your family history. You are also able to view original documents online.


Kimberly’s Genealogy Blog


Kimberly’s Genealogy Blog is an up-to-date blog sharing genealogy and family history tips and resources. is a free, genealogy search engine that simultaneously pulls information from hundreds of genealogy databases. offers complimentary, genealogy software and allows you to create your own family tree.


The National Archives


The National Archives is the U.S. Federal government archives Website and enables you to access more than 9 billion records and 30 million photographs. The Website provides an archive resource specific for genealogists and family historians. 


The National Genealogical Society


The National Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization, serving the genealogy community for more than 100 years. It offers educational resources, including online Family History Skills courses.


The USGenWeb Project


The USGenWeb Project is a free, volunteer-run Website. It provides links to genealogy resources nationwide that are organized by state and county. is a worldwide database with more than one billion records available for searching family trees, immigration lists, vital records, U.S. and U.K. census information, and much more.  


WorldGenWeb Project


The WorldGenWeb Project is a volunteer-based, nonprofit organization offering free access to worldwide genealogical and historical records.




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