"My Mom passed away a few months ago. I wish ArchivaLife™ had been available then. You can be sure I’m going to get one for my Dad." – 26 year old web site developer, San Diego, CA

"Three of the most meaningful hours I’ve spent with my Mom were completing ArchivaLife™ with her recently. I learned so much that I never knew about her." – 45 year old mortgage professional, San Diego, CA

"A beautiful way to record family history. Needs to be seen to be appreciated. This would be the perfect gift for a relative." – Paula Jones, President, Canadian Craft and Hobby Association

"...Met Bill Burch himself, the man behind the idea of the ArchivaLife™ product, and a very interesting guy. He came up with this idea which allows users to record events on a timeline - and then write about the events in as much detail as they like. This record is then combined with photographs, and documents and stored in a beautiful leather case - for generations to come."Leland Meitzler, GenealogyBlog, October 29, 2009

"I saw this at Scrapbook Expo in Ontario a couple of months ago. I bought it and love it. It works so well with my heritage scrapbooking and lifestyle writing. It’s really good to have for preserving family history."Nancy Peralta, comment from GenealogyBlog post, December 7, 2009

"Any genealogist would love to find an ArchivaLife™ that an ancestor had completed! It really puts the meat on the bones of someone’s life story. Our genealogists reviewed it and think it is a good gift for new parents or grandparents to record their life for the next generation." – Rosa Avolio, Board Member, Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society

"This is a quality book that was made to last through generations. Flipping through the pages, I found myself mentally filling in a lot of the sections… I'm going to send one to my Grandpa for Father's Day so he can record those stories that he loves to tell, and one to my mom so she can record those stories that she was reluctant to tell, but that are so important to her life story… I would buy one for each of the important women in my life. I can't think of a better gift than a way for her to help keep your family connected through the generations." - Krystal Bagley, blogger at The Clever Mommy

"ArchivaLife uniquely combines my love of genealogy and of writing. As I’ve looked through the ArchivaLife products – which are all quite lovely and very sturdy – I’ve realized that there are a few ways you can use them. Choose a family member to interview… record your own history in writing… [or] buy this for a new child and begin recording things from day one… ArchivaLife products would be an amazing gift for Mothers Day, either as a way for you to share time with her as you fill out the book together, or a way for you to encourage her that her story matters, and leave her to the unique experience of filling out the book herself." - Stacey Nerdin, blogger at Tree Root and Twig

"They have a very classic, expensive, and durable feel to them… The albums look and feel like a high quality product right from the start… I'm not aware of anything on the market that puts together a time line of a person's life with photos and text in such an attractive and complete package. It would make a very nice gift to yourself or someone you love. And as a genealogist I sure wish I had a completed Lifetime Memory Keeper done by ANY of my relatives or ancestors!” ~Jasia, blogger at Creative Gene

"I love this.  What a great gift to pass on to my children and grandchildren.  I so wish I had had this when I was growing up and had my parents and grandparents create this.  I miss my grandparents so badly and I constantly think back on stories they told us and of memories we created with them. This is a priceless gift to give to anyone.” ~Joie, blogger at Networking Witches

"This has all the features to keep a complete record of family and important events that occur in our lives to be read and enjoyed by our future generations.” - Sandra Mixter, Carnegie, PA

"The leather binding is beautiful, and the ease of the layout is also great. It really does prompt me to remember events easily!” - Corinne McDevitt, Downington, PA

"This is a beautifully designed and well crafted product. The leather covering is a wonderful and beautiful cover, and all the space inside. I highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to preserve and keep memories. This is so well designed, it is well worth every cent, and so well crafted it will last for years and years to come." - Denise Talmage



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